I started this blog in 2010 with the aim of documenting everything I was enjoying at the time. That was op shopping for vintage clothes and film photography. Over the years my blog and my interests have changed but it all sits in the same vein. I was in Perth, Western Australia and I am now in London, UK. I’ve studied and graduated with a degree in art history and am now working at the Royal Academy of Arts. If you like art, photos of life in London, film photography and general musings on life then you will probably like my blog.

If you have any questions about me or what I post then please leave a comment below or contact me via any social media you wish.

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4 thoughts on “about

  1. I love you Jennifer… and I love second last chance. When are you going to take me op shopping… huh huh huh? I think you ought to checkout Good Sammy’s on High Road… I think the suburb is Willeton. I can take you there, if you like 😉


  2. Hello

    You have a wonderful site. I’m hoping you can help me. I found an Azzedine Alaia coat. It’s fabulous but too small for me so I’m looking to sell it but I have no idea what it might be worth. Any suggestions.

    Kind regards

    Zlata Slisko.


    1. Hi Zlata,
      Have you had a look on eBay for similar coats? I think it’s a good place to get an idea what things are going for. If you search and follow the progress of different coats selling then you can get an idea of what people are asking for and what people are willing to pay. Other than that you could try taking it to a consignment store although they will of course take a portion of the profits.
      Hope that helps!


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