When I heard about the Hieronymus Bosch exhibition to celebrate 500 years since his death, I thought that the town where it was being held would be some small place in the middle of the Netherlands that would be rather unassuming. Little did I know that I would fall completely in love with it! ‘s-Hertogenbosch has a rich history, a medieval canal system and a beautiful cathedral. What I love most about it is the lovely atmosphere around the market place, with little streets coming off it that are full of cafes & restaurants with locals sitting outside having a good old time. I was also surprised, not only by the fantastic exhibition, but by the Nordbrabants Museum itself. As someone who works in museums, and has seen all kinds of exhibition spaces, theirs is one of the most impressive. I really see myself going back to Den Bosch, for the town and also for the Bossche Bol which you can see below (like a giant profiterole but 1000x better).

Photos taken on my Olympus Trip 35 with Lomography 400 colour 35mm film.

All photos © Jennifer Schussler

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