best food in London

I’m not adventurous with food so I always find a few places that I really love and stick to them. I’m not saying I won’t try new things but it’s always nice to know off the top of your head somewhere that is great and you don’t have too many choices to deal with. Because in London, choice can ruin you!

Honest Burgers
Honest BurgersMove aside Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Byron and Five Guys, Honest burgers are my favourite in London! (see, spoilt for choice!) The bun is fluffy, the meat melts in your mouth and the chips are amazing and just the right amount because YES you can eat all of them! They have many locations, I’ve been to Brixton and Soho, but get in early so you don’t have to wait for your next best burger! Also, I am told that the gluten free bun is the best gluten free bun ever, tested by someone who has had a lot of gluten free bread in her time, thanks Georgia!
No bookings so get there early if you are impatient like me

Snog I love a little snog, a big snog, a snog with one topping, a snog with many toppings. The best frozen yoghurt I’ve ever had. And all the staff seem to be male models which is a bonus! The chocolate yoghurt with strawberries and a chocolatey topping is my favourite. Georgia tried the popcorn and loved it so I will have to try that next time. Don’t miss the Snog bus at Southbank! They also have many other locations including one dangerously near where I work.

Chop Shop
Chop ShopI had wanted to go to Chop Shop for ages. I walked past it in Haymarket and thought that it looked really good. And I was right in my assumptions. I got the white onion mousse jar (amazing!), the steak was cooked to perfection and the salted caramel and Grand Marnier gelati was delicious. The cocktails are lovely too although definitely London prices at £9. If you get in between 5-7pm the set menu is on £22 for three courses which I think is a great deal for food this delicious.
I’ve booked online a few days before and on the day

WahacaI can’t talk about food in London without mentioning Wahaca. I have taken almost every single person who has come over from Australia to Wahaca. I go with a group, I go alone, nothing will stop me from getting this delicious Mexican street food! The menu is great, lots of little things to choose from all around £4 each. I always get the frijoles and tortilla chops to begin with and I used to get the black bean quesadilla for my main BUT they have taken it off the menu, sad times. I can’t be sad for long because they have so many other wonderful things to eat and I know I will be back time and time again. My favourite ones to go to (as there are many locations) are Soho, the one north of Oxford Circus & the shipping containers at the Southbank Centre (outside Royal Festival Hall).
You can’t book but there is always tequila at the bar!


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