sunday adventure: Fulham Palace

The wonderful thing about moving to a different area in London is discovering what is now close to you. I had always looked at the many trees on the other side of Putney Bridge without realising that behind them was Fulham Palace. I knew of Fulham Palace because my friend Laura posted a photo to Instagram about it a while ago, and I thought, “well if I didn’t live so far away from it I’d like to visit one day.” Lo and behold its on my doorstep! Today Cassie and I decided to take a walk to wake up from our food coma after visiting Byron for lunch, and walked the grounds of Fulham Palace. It is one of those wonderful places that transports you to miles away from the city, whilst keeping you pretty close! I look forward to many more Sunday walks over the bridge into another world.


Fulham_Palace_Aug2015_01 Fulham_Palace_Aug2015_02 Fulham_Palace_Aug2015_03 Fulham_Palace_Aug2015_04 Fulham_Palace_Aug2015_06 Fulham_Palace_Aug2015_07 Fulham_Palace_Aug2015_08 Fulham_Palace_Aug2015_09 Fulham_Palace_Aug2015_10 Fulham_Palace_Aug2015_11 Fulham_Palace_Aug2015_13 Fulham_Palace_Aug2015_14 Fulham_Palace_Aug2015_15


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