in love with the Marchioness

At the top of the National Art Library stairs at the V&A there was always a very nice marble statue of a woman. One day I was on my way to the staff canteen and all of a sudden, she was gone! A short while later it was replaced, and I cannot get over what is there now. It is a portrait of Frances Anne Vane, Marchioness of Londonderry by Alexandre-Jean Dubois-Drahonet. On loan from William and Judith Bollinger the portrait shows magnificent jewels that are on display in the Jewellery gallery, which is conveniently to the right of the portrait. I just can’t get over the beauty and detail of this painting! The sheer handkerchief & lace sleeves, the glittering of the jewels, how can this be paint? It is a dream.

Marchioness of Londonderry 1 Marchioness of Londonderry 4Marchioness of Londonderry 2 Marchioness of Londonderry 3


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