a summer’s day at Kew Gardens

Last summer I went to Kew Gardens and accidentally took photos on a roll of film i had already used in Perth, this year I made the decision to use my phone and my Instax Mini – no chance of overlapped frames here! When I told Eleanor of the long list of places you can go for free when you work at V&A we decided on the next sunny and warm day we would use this power to visit Kew Gardens. We walked for miles, saw many beautiful vistas, made friends with a duck, smelt lovely roses and were completely exhausted at the end of the day.

Kew Gardens 7 Pagoda

Kew Gardens 6 Ruined Arch

Kew Gardens 8 smelling the flowers

Kew Gardens 9 Japanese Garden

Kew Gardens 10 Palm House Rose Garden

Kew Gardens 14 Palm House 1

Kew Gardens 15 Palm House 2

Kew Gardens 16 Palm House 3

Kew Gardens 18 Palm House 5

Kew Gardens 17 Palm House 4

Kew Gardens 19 Palm House 6

Kew Gardens 20 Palm House 7

Kew Gardens 21 Palm House 8

Kew Gardens 24 Palm House 11

Kew Gardens 25 eleanor at the lake

Kew Gardens 27 Princess of Wales Conservatory 1

Kew Gardens 28 Princess of Wales Conservatory 2

Kew Gardens 30 Princess of Wales Conservatory 4

Kew Gardens 31 Princess of Wales Conservatory 5

Kew Gardens 32 Princess of Wales Conservatory 6

Kew Gardens 33 Princess of Wales Conservatory 7

Kew Gardens 34

Kew Gardens 35 Kew Palace


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