super chill at T2

Of the many things I missed when I moved to London T2 was one of them. My favourite is the Melbourne Breakfast and my life felt empty without it. When my friend back home asked what she could send me I first asked for friends (naw) and secondly I asked for my favourite tea. A few weeks later a cute package from Georgia arrived, fulfilling both my requests with a DVD of Season 1 of FRIENDS and a big pack of Melbourne Breakfast tea bags. I rationed them and wondered if I’d ever feel that joy again.

One day I was walking down a street I had never explored in Shoreditch. As I walked along, it happened. I could smell a T2 shop (I’m not kidding you can smell them a mile off). I followed my nose and oh joy of joys my people have arrived! Long story short, I signed up to their mailing list and found out that last week they were having an iced tea event at their King Road store. With the promise of free tea & goodie bags I RSVPd like there was no tomorrow and convinced Eleanor to come along for the tea extravaganza.

First things first we grabbed some tiny bottles with super cute straws and Strawberries and Cream tea (a long lost favourite of mine). Then we lined up and got an iced tea made, we mixed Sencha Peach and Fruitalicious and garnished the hell out of it!

While we sipped and slurped some canapés we had time to admire the beautiful tea wares they have, I fell in love with anything glass and it was a given that the cat mugs caught my eye!

Of course I couldn’t walk around sipping on tea without thinking about buying some tea. I stocked up on some essentials: three tins – two for my Melbourne Breakfast & Mint Mix at home and one for my new purchase (finally reunited) Strawberries & Cream. With a nifty 15% discount and a nice chat to the Australians (seriously, everyone who works there is Aussie!) we were on our way out.

But wait! Couldn’t forget the goodie bag! And when T2 do a goodie bag, it’s amazing. I wasn’t expecting much but they really went all out. I got a box of Fruitilicious (I’ll need another tin…), a mesh ball and an awesome double walled glass that had been debating buying anyway!


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