barbican architecture – polaroids

I recently decided on a fine Spring day that I ought to get out of the house. I had heard a while ago that there were architecture tours of the Barbican estate and took the opportunity in the nice sunshine (but cold wind!) to go on one. Usually I’m adverse to paying for things, working in a museum and receiving free entry to a lot of exhibitions has spoilt me, but it was definitely £10.50 very well spent. We had a terrific tour guide (of course I have forgotten his name) and I have warmed to brutalist architecture (oh no). I think it comes down to having an understanding to be able to appreciate the art form. I found that when I was studying my art history degree and initially thought Renaissance art was boring but the fact was, I just didn’t know enough to appreciate it fully. Anyway! Here are some Polaroids I took after the tour when I went on a loop back around the estate. I used Impossible Poor Pod Silver Shade 600 film and I broke out my last ORIGINAL Polaroid 600 colour film pack (of which I now only have one precious shot left!). All shot on my super amazing (and recently transported via the mother from Australia) Polaroid SX70 Sonar Autofocus camera.
St Giles-without-Cripple-Gate & Shakespeare Tower

This was the first shot of original Polaroid 600 film, an open pack so this one wasn’t too happy.

Looking up the stairwell under the Shakespeare Tower. 44 floors.
Faintly trying to capture the red tulips, this film is way past it’s use by date!In the conservatory with the fishes.


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