photographer feature: Berenice Abbott

I’ve been aware of Berenice Abbott’s work for a while but it that way when you know an image when you see it but you don’t know who made it. After looking more deeply into her work I found some interesting aspects that I quite enjoy such as the photos taken of skyscrapers partly obscured by a balustrade.

Squibb Building with Sherry Netherland in the background, 745 Fifth Avenue, Manhattan. (November 21, 1935)
Lamport Export Company, 507-511 Broadway, Manhattan. (October 07, 1935)
Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center, 168th Street and Broadway, from 165th Street and Riverside Drive, Manhattan. (November 16, 1937)
Murray Hill Hotel, from Park Avenue and 40th Street, Manhattan. (November 19, 1935)
40th Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues, Manhattan. (December 05, 1935)
Oak and New Chambers Streets, Manhattan. (October 28, 1935)
Herald Square, 34th and Broadway, Manhattan. (July 16, 1936)
Under Riverside Drive Viaduct, 125th Street at 12th Avenue, Manhattan. (November 10, 1937)

All images from NYPL Digital Gallery


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