sunday adventure: hampstead heath

Although the weather promised to bring rain and wind and general unwelcoming outdoor conditions I decided to go for a walk over Hampstead Heath on Sunday. I have been once before, little over a year ago, so I felt it was about time I went back. I was looking forward to seeing all the leaves turned brown and falling but not all were brown. In fact, it was mostly still green so lovely anyway! I had a stand off with a cute little puppy and enjoyed watching all the other dogs (there were so many!) bounding about the hills and trees. It was a lovely afternoon to walk and I ended it all with a chives and gruyère scone from Gail’s which was delicious and eaten embarrassingly fast as I had very much worn myself out. I will definitely have to try and make a walk on the Heath a more common activity.


2 thoughts on “sunday adventure: hampstead heath

  1. ooh, I’m glad I just found your blog (via the “hampstead heath” tag on WordPress!), we seem to have a lot of similar interests 🙂 I really like your film photos.


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