horniman museum and gardens

On the very good advice of a colleague (Laura never lets me down with advice!) I took a trip down to Forest Hill to pay a visit to the the Horniman Museum and Gardens and took my Olympus Trip along for the ride. I saw a variety of animals (alive and stuffed) including a goat, some sheep, the famous Walrus and a Westie with a fashionable red bandanna. It wasn’t all about the animals though as the Museum has an amazing display of worldly treasures including an impressive display of instruments. I found the V&A loaned hurdy gurdy, which was important to me due to a small inside joke held between me and a friend because we just find the name so ridiculous. It was a beautiful day so a lot of my time was spent outside in the gardens and admiring the view of the city from the bandstand. Unfortunately my choice of film and probably the fact i didn’t change the ISO settings on my camera (oops!) you can barely make out the London skyscrapers but if you squint and imagine shapes like gherkins, cheese graters and shards you will probably see them all there (or have a peep at a digital shot if your eyes can’t manage the puzzle).


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