house calls

I’ve had some great experiences during my internship at the V&A and I’m only hallway through! One highlight has been three external visits to National Trust houses with a short course group. Officially I was assisting to supervise the visits but really I was enjoying every talk and tour as well as all the history of the houses and the areas around them. The group we had was pretty fun too, a great bunch of people.

Carlyle’s House, Chelsea

The little garden at Carlyle’s House
The stairs from the attic room in Carlyle’s House
Sweet little Chelsea street
Mansion block in Chelsea

2 Willow Road, Hampstead

Goldfinger’s desk in what was intended to be an art studio for his wife but she never used it because they had three kids
Goldfinger’s cameras and tool box
The garden from the balcony
The strangest chimney leaning on a house where Lee Miller lived
I always like to make a cat friend

Fenton House, Hampstead

You can see why I love visiting Hampstead
View of the city from the balcony at Fenton House


The beautiful garden
Fenton House from the back of the garden
The orchard
The vegetable and cut flowers garden
A church I spotted on my way back down to the tube

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