open to new discoveries

I enjoy going to see exhibitions I haven’t heard much about and don’t even know if I have a particular interest in them. And that’s good because if they are interesting and exciting then my expectations are easily exceeded and if they are just average then I don’t feel too bad about spending my time there. Ruin Lust (closes 18 May), Martin Creed: What’s the point of it? (extended to 5 May) and Richard Deacon (ends today) were all exhibitions I enjoyed because I didn’t really think much about it before heading inside.

I only knew one work by Martin Creed – Work No. 227 The lights going on and off (which I love!), so I was pleasantly surprised to be introduced to his other work in this “major survey”. I had never heard of Richard Deacon before and I really enjoyed his sculptural works, especially the pieces of wood that were twisted, so amazing! And I’ve always had an interest in decaying and unused buildings so Ruin Lust reaffirmed that it’s not only me with that interest and that for a long time people have dreamt of a world in beautiful ruin.

What I can take away from my visits to these exhibitions is that you don’t always have to be interested in a theme or artist beforehand and not to let that prevent me from discovering new art to get exited about.


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