lazy diary keeping

I’ve dallied in journal writing before and I’ve always wanted to be the kind of person who keeps an updated journal. I even kept a diary every day to record my last year as a teenager between my 19th and 20th birthdays and I could say that went very well because out of 365 I only completely forgot one day. When I moved to London I battled with the idea of journaling because on the one hand I would have so many new experiences to record but on the other shouldn’t I be spending all my time doing things instead of writing them down? Journaling and even blogging moved to the back of my mind for those first months and now I am finally ready to commit to some sort of record keeping, but not just in any normal diary.

I found the Keel’s Simple Diary at the Design Museum and I absolutely love it’s laid back approach to journaling. Created by an artist it asks you to finish sentences, tick boxes, draw, do word association and many other strange things. Sometimes I don’t bother making it relevant to what happened that day and sometimes I do, but it’s really good for those days that nothing really happens.


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