exhibition marathon

It may seem excessive, and I’ll admit it is, but I did go to 5 different exhibitions in one day. To say I was exhausted at the end of it would be a gross understatement but it was incredibly rewarding. Some exhibitions stood out more than others and some I just went to because I’ve accepted the mentality that if I can get in for free, why the hell not!

I very much enjoyed the Henri Matisse Cut Outs at Tate Modern and the Fashion World of JPG at Barbican. I’d wanted to go to Bailey’s Stardust for a while and it was very interesting and Veronese and Strange Beauty at the National Gallery were my last stops and those exhibitions I just went to for the hell of it. I enjoyed Strange Beauty more than Veronese, but that’s a whole other story.

I’ve been to ten exhibitions (some revisits) in the last week! I added up what I would have paid if I didn’t have my V&A staff pass to get in and it would have been…£129!! The reality is I wouldn’t have spent that money anyway because I wouldn’t have gone to all of those exhibits. I probably wouldn’t have paid to go to any except Matisse and possibly Bailey’s Stardust. For someone who has been a student for a very long time and is now on an internship (paid but you know what that means) I can’t afford to go to all these wonderful exhibitions so entry price can be quite restrictive so I guess that gives you a very good reason why I’ve run an exhibition marathon!


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