Martino Gamper @ Serpentine Sackler Gallery

I’ve only been to the Serpentine Gallery once before and never the Sackler Gallery and I could admit I’m rather useless as they are not that far apart to walk and I must stop being so lazy. Anyway, on Sunday I visited both galleries but I really enjoyed the exhibition of Martino Gamper’s curation at the Serpentine Sackler Gallery

I liked it for two reasons. I like organisation. I like displaying collections. The amount of time it takes me to decide how to display my camera collection is immeasurable and I wish I had some cool shelves like the ones in this exhibition to put them on. One day, in my dream house/flat, I will have awesome shelves with equally cool items on display. 

My favourite displays were the pebbles because something about it is really cute (how can pebbles be cute? I don’t know) and the vinyl shelves/desk because I wish I could have a set up like that for my vinyl collection which I unfortunately left in Australia for shipping to London when I have the appropriate space for them. 




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