tate britain

Tate Britain is one of my favourite galleries to visit because it has such a wide range of art on offer. Regardless of what art interests you they probably have something that you will like, and a lot more to convert you to a new movement or time period. The recent refurbishment means that the Archive Gallery has been opened and I enjoy that one in particular because it has pieces on display that I had seen a few years ago that I was happy to be able to experience again.
On until next year (plenty of time to see it!) is Martin Creed’s Artist Room containing the piece Work No. 227: The lights going on and off, which I was sceptical about but once you are in there it is surprising how affected you are, and it is exactly as the title suggests. I also love the idea that this work can go “on tour” as it’s really more the idea than the physical space or artwork that is being moved from gallery to gallery.

I like this work by Anya Gallaccio, preserve ‘beauty’, the 2000 decaying gerberas leaving a lovely mark on the gallery wall.2013-11-22 11.38.18

Carl Andre, Steel Zinc Plain, 1969 Meant to walked on, but I'm always too scared of being tackled by security to do it

Meant to walked on, but I’m always too scared of being tackled by security to do it, one day I’ll experience this work the way it was intended! Steel Zinc Plain by Carl Andre is in the Archive Gallery and if I remember correctly I first saw it in Tate St. Ives in 2010.

The last time I visited I was lucky enough to have clear blues skies and could bask in the Winter sunshine, I really like the area surrounding Tate Britain and it’s always good to have a walk around there or down to Parliament and up to Trafalgar Square if I’m not feeling too lazy.
2013-11-22 12.16.49


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