the sights

As I am new to London I have had to do some touristy things although I’m trying to avoid them now because the slow pace and inconsiderate nature of tourists just makes my blood boil. In my life I like to get where I’m going, do what I want to do then get out which is completely the opposite of what the tourists in London do. I could rant about them forever but we would miss the point that London is culturally rich and that excites me.

kensingtonKensington. So beautiful, I want to live there, it is my goal in life.

view from hampstead heath hampstead heathHampstead Heath is gorgeous and now I have proper walking shoes (doing a trek in Marc by Marc Jacobs mouse flats is not advised) I would really like to explore it a bit more. As good as the view of the city is I just adore the forest, it’s so different to the bushland back home, and so green! Now it’s heading into autumn I’ll have to go and see the trees turn.

big ben houses of parliamentThe worst place on earth to be if you are like me and get awfully offended when you have to step into the street because the wave of tourists coming towards you is so dense (physically and mentally). Architecture is second only to art as my favourite thing to look at so that’s the main reason why I stupidly walked down past the Houses of Parliament.

st pauls st paulsSt Paul’s and the surrounds are beautiful and I was lucky enough to stay a 5 minute walk from here for my first two weeks in London. I went inside the last time I came to London, I probably wont go in again unless I have the overwhelming urge to deal with tourists and part with my money.

st bartsAnother place that was just a short walk from where I was staying at the beginning, I had to go just because I love Sherlock and St Bart’s is pretty to look at too.

hyde parkHyde Park in those last summer days was gorgeous. It was getting chilly when I went but the sun was shining so it didn’t matter that I was freezing (underdressed of course, how will I get used to dressing for London weather?!). There are so many green spaces in London I want to explore so I’ll have to get around to them eventually.

notting hillNotting Hill, another place I’d like to live but I’m sure everyone does. I didn’t spend too much time at Portobello Road market because, well, tourists. So I went off to the streets behind and it’s exactly how I hoped it would be. So nice just to walk around (if the weather is good) and see how many houses you’d like to live in (all of them).

There’s still so much to see but I’m in no rush to get it all done, I have plenty of time especially if I wind up living here permanently!


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