the studious type

The whole reason I’m in London is to study and three weeks in the course at the Sotheby’s Institute of Art is amazing but because I’m part-time it feels like, well, I have 5 days to do whatever I feel like (with some studying of course). But on the days I am there I am so happy to be there, the way they have organised it makes it feel like no other study I’ve done before.
sothebysThe first day of classes we hopped on a private boat, had a tour down the Thames then tours in Greenwich through the painted room and chapel at the Old Royal Naval College and then through the Queens House.
greenwich greenwich royal naval college

We’ve had drinks in a gallery and will have them again soon. There’s so many visits on the calendar that I look forward to and we even have a wine tasting the afternoon after our exam on international art law so they definitely know how to keep us happy!
And although I miss out on the art history trips because I’m only doing the art business unit I’ve still visited some of the galleries the rest of the class has but at my own pace so I think I win there as we usually whizz through quite quickly. I really look forward to every day I’m there so I can’t wait to see what else I’ll learn.


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