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I cannot resist a gallery. If you need any proof: after stepping off a 13 hour flight to London at 5am and then dragging my luggage through the tube to my accommodation I got out and walked over to the Tate Modern that day. Nothing can keep me away from amazing art, not even jet lag and a bad sense of direction. In the days that followed I either planned to or accidentally ended up visiting many museums and galleries. There’s so many more on my invisible list to visit and some to revisit because I didn’t have enough time or patience to deal with the tourist crowds.

st pauls from tate modernThis is the view of St Paul’s from Tate Modern, I wasn’t clever enough to actually take a photo of Tate Modern but I’m sure if you really want to see it I recommend using the internet. The crowds were high here but I went against the flow and took my time in the rooms I wanted to. It still needs another 2 or 3 visits to do it true justice, and I’m happy to do that!

british museumWe are lucky to have the British Museum just one block away from the Sotheby’s Institute where I’m studying. I have to go back because the day I went the jet lag had hit me and there were 5 million people in each corridor making it impossible to see anything. It was a beautifully sunny day so stepping inside the Great Court was amazing with all that light.

courtauld galleryWhile I have my student card I will abuse the right to free entry at the Courtauld Gallery as it holds some amazing works which I’d like to see again without people in front of them. It’s a very strange building for a gallery with all it’s little staircases and some very small rooms. My favourite was the little room with all the tiny pointillism studies by Seurat which are amazing to look at up close then step back and let your eyes blur the dots together into sweet little images.

view from the national galleryI was walking out of the National Gallery and saw this line of sight and thought it was interesting…anyway! I only spent about 20 minutes in the National gallery because I wandered into Trafalgar Square by accident while I was wasting time before getting the tube somewhere and I only went inside the gallery because it looked like it was going to rain. I have learnt my lesson, do not go when there are massive crowds. Also don’t go for a brief visit if you want to get out on time. I walked around and then realised it was time to leave but got lost because there are so many different doorways in the rooms so I’ll have to go back when I have time to be lost.

painting detailI loved the Tate Britain because I could walk into a room and see so many pieces I have studied in the past few years. The detail on so many pieces is just outstanding so it will take a few more visits to look deeply at everything. It’s also huge so I was too tired to hit the J.M.W. Turner wing so that’s something for another day. And by doing the walk through the ages you see a few Turner pieces anyway so that has filled my quota for now.

I’m overwhelmed just thinking about how much art I’ve seen already and by how much more there is to see!


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