london countdown – tate modern

If it’s been quiet here it’s because I’ve been doing nothing of major interest to compensate (and save $$) for my move to London which is 9 days away. Three and a half years of planning, dreaming and saving all come down to this big change and it’s both exciting and terrifying as I’ve never done anything like this before. So, to get my nerves calmed I thought I’d rattle through a list of things I am super excited to do when I get to London and here is the first!

Visit Tate Modern

When I visited London for the first time I went Tate Modern on my last day. I had very limited time as I also visited the V&A to see the Grace Kelly exhibit so I felt like I just didn’t have enough time to take it all in so I am super excited to be able to browse at my leisure, whenever I want! From such a short visit I can only remember that my favourite part was seeing Salvador Dalí’s Lobster Telephone, it belongs in my dream house.

Lobster Telephone 1936 by Salvador Dalí 1904-1989

After studying different periods of art I’m also looking forward to visiting the Tate Britain, National Portrait Gallery and many other galleries as I feel that 3 years of study has changed my focus on just understanding modern art to appreciating all genres so seeing a multitude of art will be so rewarding now. My flight gets into London at 5am and I’m hoping I can beat the jet lag and go there that same day because it’s all I’ve been dreaming about for so long, let’s see if it actually happens!


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