bindaring red cross clothing sale 2013

Yesterday I went to the annual Bindaring Red Cross clothing sale at Claremont Showgrounds. I’d never heard of it before last week when I read about it in the paper at work (working hard as always). This year marks their 50th anniversary so I’m rather unhappy that I didn’t know about it before because it was something I would both love and hate to experience again.

IMG_2132Loved the part about it being a giant op shop full of heaps of clothes and great bargains. Hated having to push past crazy women rummaging through giant piles of clothes and avoiding the dreaded pockets of farts. Why do people fart so much at jumble sales? Sorry but it was happening about every 5 minutes, walking through some bad smell with unknown origin. Run away!

IMG_2128Everything in the main jumble sale was under $10. When we got there, about 9:15, the long racks were almost empty and people were swarming around the piles of clothes on the tables. It was madness. And only 15 minutes after opening! Because I was really tired I wasn’t completely in the mood to push people aside just to get a spot to start rummaging so the first half of my time was spent hovering hovering hovering to maybe find a few pieces. I came out with 3 blouses, a skirt and two scarves, all for $20 (well $19 but I was like “hey take the 20 who cares”).

bagsMy white bag includes:

spottedblousespottedblousebackA cream spotty blouse, buttons up the back and was $5
scarvesTwo scarves, $2 each
pinkbuttonupPink short sleeved blouse $5
cueskirtCue skirt, $5
blueblouseBlue blouse, $5
Now if you were paying attention you would, like I did when I got home, realise that doesn’t add up to $19 but, oh well. It was so busy they just wanted to get everyone out as quick as possible and I was one of the easy ones. Seriously, people had GIANT sacks full of clothes who would knock you down with it if you got in their way (and did, Mums shoe came off at one point).

IMG_2133After we left the madness of the jumble sale we saw the line outside for the Designer section had grown by about 200 people so we decided not to hang around and just head to the 50¢ fill a bag section before departing. It was quite small, only a few trestle tables laden with things and lots of bargain hungry women losing their minds. I saw a girl across the table from me pick up a pair of Cheap Monday jeans, it’s all luck and being on the right side of the table at the right time. They give you a fairly small bag but I think if you find anything in there you are getting a bargain at 50¢ so I am definitely not complaining!
I stuffed these into my bag:

countryroadtopCountry Road topblueskirtBlue skirt, might have to take it up if it fits
bluejacketLight blue jacket

I haven’t tried anything on yet because, well, I’m lazy. But the good thing is if it doesn’t fit I can just donate it back to the Red Cross, problem solved!
One thing I really liked about this event is that even though it felt like an op shop on steroids and everyone was manic it still felt like op shops of days gone by, the ladies were absolutely lovely and the personal touch was there. Pretty much everything can be defined by this sign I saw:

IMG_2134I would definitely recommend keeping an eye out for the next date, getting there early and taking what you can when you can if you want to get something half decent next year.


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