drug ARM armadale

On Saturday Christina and I took a trip out to Armadale to visit some op shops that I had heard great things about. We didn’t have a riot of success but I did end up with a fair bit of stuff so I can’t complain. The first shop we went to was Drug ARM on Fourth Road, there isn’t a Drug ARM on Forrest Road anymore so I have adjusted the Perth Op Shop map accordingly. This little store is packed full of stuff – clothes, toys, knick-knacks, furniture and a nice old man who had some pretty rowdy friends in the shop when we were there. And by rowdy I mean the kind of old men who like to go have a drink at the pub when the footy is on and talk loudly in small op shops. I got two blouses for $5 and Christina got a dress for $10, prices are made up when you get to the counter. They do have eftpos but the old man didn’t know how to use it so I stepped behind the counter and used my many years of retail experience to process it for him (it’s not that hard but bless his cotton socks anyway!).

Here are the blouses I got and I’ll shoot the rest of the clothes & shoes I bought and post them during the week.



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