subiaco pink church op shop

photo-7Even though I work full time in Subiaco I had never ventured far enough up Rokeby Road to go to the fabled pink church op shop  (I’m on my feet all day so the thought of spending my lunch break walking is ridiculous). The Earthwise Community Op Shop is housed in the sweetest of buildings on Bagot Road and has what I miss about op shops – it is crowded, dusty, a little messy but has so much character it makes you want to look for something. The prices are set reasonably, I got this yellow dress for $6 and after I take out the strange t-shirt-turned-lining I will wear it. The length is a bit questionable but it’s scalloped at the bottom so it’d be a shame to take it up and lose it.
earthwiseyellowdressI’ve added this shop to the Perth Op Shop Map which you can see here! This op shop is open 10-5:30 Wednesday – Saturday and is maybe open on Mondays and Tuesdays if they can get a volunteer to come in. Ring up if it’s too hot to walk for no reward.



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