brownie 127 test roll results

kodak brownie 127

I put a roll of 35mm film into my Kodak Brownie 127 maybe a year before I got it developed, I can’t even remember it was just so long. I am ridiculously lazy when it comes to finishing rolls of film and this is definitely no exception. I just wanted to see if the thing even worked but of course it took me months of having it in my handbag to actually take some shots. Then I crawled into my wardrobe in the dead of night to remove the film (having placed the 35mm film in the camera with tissue holding the canister steady and winding onto the 127 spool) and kept the film on my desk for a while just to make sure I had built up the suspense long enough.
Here are the long overdue results, showing crazy light leaks, strange blurriness and overlapping frames coming from bad internet advice saying advancing 1.5 turns was enough…it wasn’t.

1271Creepy mannequin shadow, nice colours.1276Indescribable foliage. I cannot remember enough to figure out what it is because I took it so long ago.1275The city and bad film cutting technique.1274The back of my brothers head in a park?1273Fremantle street.1272Fremantle light on the street.

I might try this camera again, maybe spend less time taking the photos and more time winding the film on but I’m glad to have experimented anyway!


3 thoughts on “brownie 127 test roll results

  1. didn’t you print the whole film width – including the sprocket holes?
    How much winding do you estimate to clear the preceding frame – 2.5 turns?
    How many separate shots would you expect from a 24 shot 135 film?


    1. I didn’t scan the sprocket holes because I didn’t want to tape it to my scanner, I’ve got a new Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner on the way to me so I will re-scan my roll with sprockets using that. I wound on 1.5 times I think and I don’t really know how many shots I could get to a roll of 24 shot film as I used a 36 shot roll and didn’t use all of it as I had had it in my camera for such a long time I just got it developed without finishing as it was really just to test that the camera worked.


      1. thanks Jennifer. I’ve just started shooting a 35mm cassette in a Brownie 127 myself. I’m using film that is 7yrs out of date so may get some unexpected results which should add a little bit more interest. I’m going with 2.5 turns to clear the last frame – will let you know if that was correct. Cheers, Alan (darkhorseradio)


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