denmark and walpole op shops

The good thing about going from Albany to Pemberton is that you can stop off in Denmark and Walpole on the way. The only problem is that the Walpole op shop closes so early but there’s nothing to do in Pemberton except see a big tree and some other trees so we had no problem with getting up early and driving 1.5 hours back to Walpole the next day.

We went to two op shops in Denmark. They are convenitely located on opposing corners so first we went to the Red Cross which is in a cute little church. There was heaps of stock and heaps of people which made it a but difficult to navigate. I didn’t pick anything up in here but it’s always worth looking!
IMG_1095Across the road is the Mustard Seed Anglican Op Shop which I liked because they had cute homemade signs. Inside the racks aren’t completely full but a nice range. Prices are set and set cheap, I picked up a dress for $3.50 and most things were around this price or lower. It really feels like a good old fashioned op shop, the signs, the prices and especially the range of preserves for sale.
IMG_1099 IMG_1101 IMG_1102denmarkmustard1This dress fits perfectly and with most of my finds I will be shortening it to make it easier to wear.
IMG_1108The infamous Walpole op shop. I had dreamt of visiting this place ever since Hannah told me of the riches that lied within. Literally some sheds and a house stuck together there is so much in there you could spend all 3 hours they are open rummaging around. There was a price list at the front but I paid $10 for 6 things so it’s basically made up when you take it to the counter. I would recommend taking small change just because it’s nice to have the right amount when they don’t have much of a float. And seeing as everything is so cheap you wont need to take much anyway!
IMG_1107I found 2 scarves (no surprise there), a big cream chunky cable knit jumper, a big denim jacket, a floral skirt and a dress that I am going to practice my altering skills on.
walpole6 walpole5walpole3 walpole2 walpole4walpole1So after all that we had sufficient! So many op shops in such a small space of time made the trip to Southbound a glorious one and if I had the time I would go down there and do it all again!
Remember to look at the Perth Op Shop Map to see all the op shops I visited on this trip and some closer ones for you city folk.


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