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We visited 5 op shops in Albany, saw 2 that were closed and apparently there are some more there that we didn’t find. A lady in the Red Cross said if you go to the tourist information place they can give you a list of the op shops but we didn’t have time for that so we just went to the ones we had scoped out over the New Years holiday.
(click on the photos of the op shops to see them on the Perth Op Shop Map)

The first op shop we visited was Good Sammy’s. We were just cruising into Albany when we spotted it up ahead and when you have a car full of people who all love to op shop it was a no brainer so we quickly pulled over and navigated the tiny car park to get in on the action.
IMG_1033The store was big and had plenty of racks of stock like most Good Sammy’s. I got two scarves and a blue chain print blouse so I was pretty happy with our chance encounter with this op shop.
albanygoodsammys1albanygoodsammys3abanyscarfAfter we had the best New Years ever (I’m attempting to be sarcastic here) we went to the other op-shops we had found out about. First was Vinnies where they had mostly newer stock but a great table full of scarves, all for under $3 so I got 3.
IMG_1084vinniesalbany1 vinniesalbany2vinniesalbany3Then we ventured a little further up the road to go to the Australian Red Cross. This was a great little treasure trove where I couldn’t seem to open my eyes so luckily Christina was there and found me two great dresses (and a pile of stuff for herself).
IMG_1086albanyredcross1This is a nice pinafore dress, I’ll have to wear a top underneath as it is open down the sides to the hips and I will also take it up as it can look quite matronly at this length. The other dress I got is this floral one which I performed impromptu alterations on when we got to Pemberton. I cut off 9 inches and bound the hem together with some magical tape but now I am home I will sew it properly.
IMG_1127When we were in Red Cross we let the ladies know we were trying to go to as many op shops as possible and they told us about the info point having a list but also told us that just across the road around the corner there was the RSPCA op shop. It was a minutes walk so we were glad she let us know because we hadn’t seen it when we drove into Red Cross. I got a jumper and saw their cute and fat shop cat, Oscar. Very cheap prices in this shop and plenty to look at.
IMG_1087albanyrspcaLast stop in Albany was at St John’s op shop which is next to the pretty Anglican church on York St. The ladies were lovely and there was plenty to look through but I didn’t find anything. They had more scarves but I had enough already so I had to pass.
IMG_1091We did find a gem in this shop that we unfortuantely had to leave behind, this epic cat portrait. So shiny!
IMG_1090We really wanted to go to the Activ op shop because we had heard good things about it, and although they had a sign saying they would be open on the 2nd of January they were still closed so we went away heartbroken. If you have the chance then go there and find things we can only dream of.
IMG_1037 IMG_1035All of my reviews are up on the Perth Op Shop Map so have a look if you haven’t already!


3 thoughts on “albany op shops

  1. Aww last time I was in Albany I really wanted to go to the op shops but none of the friends with me were into it! I really love the brown peacock (?) scarf you found 🙂


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