hyden and esperance op shops

IMG_0903First stop on our trip down south was in Hyden. We drove past this shop and filled up on petrol, cruised right back and they were turning the sign around, closing! It was about lunch time so maybe they close for lunch, don’t know, but the old lady let us come in and browse anyway because country people are lovely. We didn’t find anything but the prices looked reasonable so it’s worth dropping by if you are in Hyden for whatever reason.

In Esperance we found one op shop by accident, again by driving around randomly and so we paid a visit to the Red Cross when they opened on the Monday.

IMG_1023They had a good range here, lots of shoes and bric-a-brac. Make sure to look in the fancy dress tub which also had the scarf rack above it (pegged on like pros). I got a few things from here including a cardigan even though it was super hot as I needed to prepare myself for the freezing nights we would experience camping in Busselton later in the trip.

espredcross2This Vera Moda dress fits very nicely, I might take it up but I need cooler weather to wear it first to determine whether is looks ok or not. Came with a little tie belt but I would use a tan leather belt with it anyway.
espredcross1Cute little cardigan.
espredcross3And a stripy scarf. For all three I paid a total of $14.70 which I think is quite reasonable.

Check out these and other southern op shops on the Perth Op Shop Map.


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