south trip: part 2

After Esperance we drove to Albany where we spent New Years Eve. It was just as disappointing as any other New Years Eve I’ve ever had but a change of scenery and judging bad outfits in the local pub made it somewhat better. We stayed in a backpackers in Albany and thought it was nice because it was clean but then there was an over-friendly guy with a mullet (creatively named ‘Mullet Guy’) who seemed just a little bit too interested in where we were going and what we were doing so we spoke as vaguely as possible. We did the usual touristy things like go to Frenchmans Bay, the blowholes which weren’t blowing as it is summer and the weather was too calm, walked around the main street and then hit the op shops on the 2nd before heading to Pemberton. I’ll be doing separate posts about the op-shops we visited as we went to 10 in about 6 or 7 days.

southtrip020Church in Albany.southtrip021 southtrip022Town hall in Albany.southtrip040Frenchmans Baysouthtrip045Near the Blowholessouthtrip048Sunset over Albanysouthtrip051The Gloucester Tree in Pemberton. There is nothing to do or see in Pemberton that does not involve trees.southtrip052More trees.southtrip053And finally, a tree.


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