serpentine falls

Yesterday I went to Serpentine Falls to celebrate Nat’s birthday (the number of which I am not allowed to divulge…let’s say she’s 12). I took my Polaroid Sonar Autofocus SX-70 and two packs of my Impossible Project Silvershade Poor Pods film to use up because I have so much film and I need to start using it! I like how sepia it came out, maybe because of the heat or maybe because it was made a year and a half ago and I don’t store it in a fridge. Anyway, I love the results as I always think the more mistakes in film the better the picture is and the more character it has, enjoy!

serpentine polaroids-1aserpentine polaroids-2serpentine polaroids-2aserpentine polaroids-1cserpentine polaroids-1bserpentine polaroidsserpentine polaroids-2cserpentine polaroidsaserpentine polaroids-3serpentine polaroids-2bserpentine polaroids-1dserpentine polaroidscserpentine polaroidsb


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