DIY paper wreath advent calendar

After getting crafty with Hannah on Saturday I had an idea to adapt the brown paper wreaths we had been making into a super awesome advent calendar! It’s pretty easy to make it just takes some time and your imagination.


What you’ll need:

  • brown paper
  • cardboard box (bigger is better)
  • twine
  • scissors
  • coloured pens
  • 2 pencils
  • glue stick
  • number stamps & ink
  • white or coloured card of your choosing (red, green or gold would be great too!)
  • Christmas spirit!

1whatyoullneedLay out your cardboard that you are going to use. I didn’t have a big enough box so I just cut two sides apart and then stuck them together with tape after trimming off excess so they sat flat against each other.

2stickingtwotogetherStick one of your two pencils roughly in the middle of your cardboard and tie a piece of twine around it, don’t do it tightly as you want the twine to be able to swivel around the pencil. Attach the twine to the other pencil at the length you think will provide the size of circle/wreath you want. Draw around the cardboard holding both pencils vertical to get a good circle. Repeat for the inner circle but re-tie the second pencil closer to the first pencil. Alternatively you can you circular objects to do this (pots and pans are good!).


4drawingAsses your circles and change them if you need to. It doesn’t need to be perfect!
Cut out you circles. Because mine was already in half it was easier to cut  the inner circle out but just use whatever method you like to get it out, be safe with scissors!

5cut Now, make your leaves. I did a test leaf from the brown paper to see how big I wanted it for my wreath. Too tiny and you’ll be there for days and don’t make them too big or it wont look as good. Then I folded the brown paper to the height of leaf I wanted and cut that so I could get many at one time. They don’t all need to be the same, again perfection is not the key, as long as they are similar it will be fine. Make as many as you think you might need, you can always make some more.

6leaf7leavesStart gluing your leaves onto your circle. The best effect for the wreath is created if you stick the leaf down so it curls up (if you are cutting from a roll of paper it will already have this!) and creates more texture. Glue the base of the leaf and stick onto the circle so the leaves overlap. The easiest way to explain this is to look at the picture. You want to make sure that the curvy side of the leaves protrude a tiny bit over the edge of the cardboard so they cover it up (hiding any imperfections). Do this until the whole thing is covered.

8glue9leaves10finishedleavesThen take some white paper/card (or any Christmassy colour of your choice) and make 25 leaves the same size as those you just made out of brown paper. I folded the card again to make multiple at the same time.

11whiteleavesThen use number stamps or a pen and mark each leaf with a number. Then write things on the back for your little advent treats. You can write special celebration days in December, Christmas quotes, prompts to do things (gingerbread making, tree decorating), little compliments, anything you can imagine!

12stampedwrittenOnce you have written all your advent leaves out it is time to stick them into the wreath. I just placed these behind other leaves and they seem to stay in pretty well but you can use blu-tac to stop them falling out if you have a draughty house or people walking past it all the time. I arranged them in order but you can do it random so it makes finding the day more fun!

20tuckinAttach twine to the back using tape so you can hang it on a hook. You can get creative with hanging the wreath by using ribbon and making bows, just make it look however you want it to!




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