my birthday

With my hopes dismally low for my birthday I actually ended up having a wonderful time, helped by good food, wonderful friends and thoughtful gifts. During the day I had lunch with my Grandma who also came with the rest of my family to the East Fremantle Yacht Club for a lovely buffet dinner followed by a secretly assembled cake for me. Mum made the little hedgehog, it’s party hat is so adorable!
Then we all drove to Little Creatures Brewery to meet up with only my most beautiful friends (most beautiful because they turned up!) and we all enjoyed frites, cider and other delicious beverages.
I got some really thoughtful gifts which makes me incredibly happy because it’s nice to have people who know what you like and don’t buy things for the sake of buying them.
My Grandma gave me a Westie figurine that is 47 years old, it’s even older than my Mum! I love it so much and I will have to find it a special home in my room so nothing bad happens to it.
My fellow Westie lover, Sophia, customised a notebook to have many wonderful pictures of Westies on it, so practical yet so sweet. My favourite is the bottom left photo.
From Hannah I got a beautiful rose from the garden at her new house along with an equally beautiful card with lovely things written inside. If you know what kind of rose it is let me know!
I’m envious of her nice handwriting and also of Evelyn’s, whose sister made this pretty and unique card to go with the amazing present from David, Patrina, Evelyn and Amanda who know me too well and got me a set of 3 Chanel books, the newest limited edition nail polish Malice and the Coco Mademoiselle Moisturising Body Mist which smells gorgeous (I’ve been meaning to buy the EDP for ages so I should finally get it!).
From Laura I got some really weird postcards which I will have to send to equally weird people.
And finally from my sister, Kat, I got a button making kit which came with cute fabric to make them with but you can make them with any thin fabric you like and a great book about making pinhole cameras so now that I’ve (almost) finished uni I will have to get super crafty and try out a few.
I don’t know how practical a minivan would be as a pinhole camera so I might just try some of the smaller, easier to handle objects. I had a great birthday and it’s slightly scary to think that next year I wont be in Perth but in London for my birthday, eeep it’s so close yet so far!


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