pre-birthday blues

This has got to be the least excited for a birthday I have ever been. I think presents are there to attempt to make you happier about the fact that you are getting older and recently I made some online purchases which I picked up today which have made me slightly happier. I’ve been toying with the idea of owning The Last Shadow Puppets album on vinyl for a while so I finally bought it, as well as the Submarine soundtrack but that hasn’t arrived yet. Still, it makes me happy. And I’ve been spending hours pouring over makeup websites to find things that will fix my pores and the wrinkles under my eyes (yes, at almost 21 I have lines, LINES) so receiving these two wonderful tubes made me a lot happier too.

I’m sure once I see all my family and an assortment of friends tomorrow I will be super happy but I think not having high hopes beforehand will make it a better birthday than all the rest, I mean, two people showed up to my birthday drinks last year so what could be worse?



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