west australian ballet costume sale

In a stroke of luck I wasn’t working today and Mum was dropping Paul off at the airport this morning so we could both go to the West Australian Ballet costume sale in Maylands, with costumes from productions spanning the last 60 years. After seeing them post on Facebook about the sale I knew I just had to go, if not to do anything but admire the beautiful costumes. Luckily, there were a few things I found that I can actually wear and Mum found some beautiful costumes to hang up and admire. She also found a cute child’s Nutcracker outfit that she is going to give to her friend’s daughter who is crazy about ballet and who is going to go to professional ballet school, I’m envious of her.

Along with what I’ll show you I also found a cute little mesh/diamante collar and Mum got some remnant fabric and lace, a plain pink child’s dress and a petticoat. So all in all we got about 14 or so pieces for $165! Ridiculously cheap! The sale continues tomorrow 9am-1pm and they were bringing out some more stock so there’s probably still heaps of good things to find. There were also lots of lobster hats if you’re into that kind of thing.

So firstly here is what I found:

Cami and knickerbocker set $10
Black velvet jacket $10
We had already paid but went back for another look and found this coat for $20, can’t wait to wear it in London next year!
My Alice in Wonderland boater, so cute! Not sure how much they charged us for it as it lost its price tag but it must have been cheap considering our final amount.

And here is what Mum found:

The little Nutcracker dress

We had a great time looking through all of the costumes and watching the children who were there play dress ups with the hats, definitely something that doesn’t happen too often so I’m so glad we made the effort to go!


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