If I were to provide you with a list of my “to buy” items they would probably all be staple pieces. I believe I do not have enough plain and simple pieces in my wardrobe, and the amount of clothes I do not wear regularly can prove that in an instant. I am still looking for the perfect black patent leather belt which seems as extinct as the Dodo (seriously, why can’t I find one?) but recently I have acquired some clothes that I would categorise as staples.

My head is tilted this way because I’ve gone insane over finding that belt, but I’m happy because I have two new pieces that I will wear again and again. The skirt is from Miss Brown, as I had perilously tried to find a perfect black pleated skirt in op shops but gave up when I found this one. It’s a kind of lacy material which makes it a bit more interesting than a black polyester pleated skirt and it’s the perfect length for me. And the denim shirt I got from the recent Two Bucks ‘Til Wednesday sale for $10. I’ve also been looking for a cheap denim shirt in the op shops because I want to try (again) to dip bleach one but this fits so well I kind of like it how it is, so my search for a guinea pig shirt continues.

I also got this from Two Bucks for 10 bucks and I’m so happy in my grandma cardi I fell into a blissful slumber whilst taking this photo. Not really, I just never know how to pose without looking ridiculous. I didn’t even try it on at the sale and it’s like it was meant to be. I have replaced my other cream cardigan that I got in Vinnies Claremont which is probably too small for me and is missing two buttons, this new one has all its buttons so wins.

And the last of my Two Bucks finds but not really a staple piece, a scarf for $4. I have many scarves which now dwell on my scarf twine and peg display system (I might share it with you but I need to decide whether it looks good or not first) but you can never have too many scarves, especially when they are all different patterns and sizes and whatnot. I didn’t realise until Mum pointed it out but this paisley scarf is actually a paisley dragon scarf. Good job using your eyeballs Mother.

I even ironed it before taking this picture, super dedication there my friends.


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