bagging a bargain

I thought for a while what to name this post and I couldn’t come up with anything that wasn’t boring or cheesy. I went to the über northern op shops in Butler and Merriwa a while back and I found these two cheap and cheerful bags. They are pretty far north but only about 10 minutes away from me so it’s easier for me to visit them than most people.

I got this snakeskin clutch for $2 at the Merriwa Salvos ‘Thrift Store’. This store is small but full of things and feels like a real op shop. I also got two books for 10¢ each, Catch-22 which I’ve been meaning to read and the other is called Pippa At Home which is a hilariously old illustrated book about Pippa (of course) who is a teenage girl living in London doing various things with her Mummie and giving strange men in parks Chealsea buns.

The second bag I found at the Butler Salvos and is all leather with a few stains but I love the character it has. It’s a great size, has a very handy handle and was only $4. They didn’t have much else here, I literally picked this up on my way out, and it’s a relatively new area so finding vintage here will be difficult. But another bag to add to my growing collection, I may need to start selling a few as I keep finding too many to be able to use them all!


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