what got me into an op shop

I can never really pinpoint a defining moment of my conversion to accepting the op shops. It was slow, I know that for sure. When I was a child Mum literally had to drag me into an op shop – I hated the smell and I hated the idea of needing to shop there. I would have preferred to stand on the street instead of entering my nightmare but that wouldn’t have been very safe for a small child.

I suppose it was an amalgamation of things, a domino effect. Trips with friends to find clothes to wear to dress up parties may have beaten the smell from my nostrils. But that doesn’t really explain my budding search for vintage. I started watching old movies, idolising Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn, reading about Coco Chanel and all the amazing vintage designers. Also, being a student probably helped me look for a more affordable style outlet.

If I think very hard I can almost put my finger on the point where I had my op shop conversion and it would have to be Two Bucks ‘Til Wednesday. Up until a recent paper purge I had kept the article on the girls from Frankie which I tore out and threw in a pile, with some intention of putting it somewhere which never eventuated. The first sale I went to was in 2008 and even though I didn’t get anything (because it was all gone!) I realised that there must be something I was missing in the op shops and that I should try to look harder. It feels so surreal sometimes to think that I have fallen in amongst it all, becoming friends with Hannah, Sophia and Anna and even going to help them shop for a sale.

Two years ago, when  had just started working at kikki.K I bought a goals book. In the front it asks you to name the five people you admire the most and why. Although I have written my goals in this book many times and then glued the pages together when I forgot to follow through I still think that what I wrote in reply to that question is the same today. In spot number three I wrote:
“The girls from Two Bucks ‘Til Wednesday because they are effortlessly stylish and happy people and are also generous to the less fortunate.”


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