three generations of experience

Last week I went for an adventure down to Rockingham and Mandurah with Mum to visit the op shops. When we were in Mandurah we picked up Grandma as well so it was 3 generations op shopping together, so special. We went to some we had never been to before, some only I had visited and then some we had all seen. In Rockingham we went to 4 stores and I found things in 3 of them.

One store in Rockingham we went to was the little foreshore house, the Uniting Church Op Shop.

It’s so cute and the ladies who work there are just lovely. I got two blouses and a bag for $3 each.

The first one is a nice little pussy bow blouse with a ruffley collar and the second is a red gingham long sleeve blouse, and I’ve got a better photo of the detail on the front because I couldn’t get a good photo of it with Fatty hanging about.

It’s so adorable! All these little embroidered girls in full skirts, and one boy in shorts. It’s a bit big but looks ok when tucked in with a belt which is all I ever do nowadays anyway.

And here’s the little metallic leather bag I found for $3.

There’s also the Salvos around the corner from this little one that had quite a lot to look at. They have a fancy dress section which boasts some Scottish plaid if you’re into that kind of thing. I got this coat here, it’s a 80% wool 20% polyester blend and set me back a massive $2.99! I think they priced it wrong but it worked for me! It’s really warm, has one button at the collar and another halfway down the coat and I love the collar which is half peter pan and half pointed, definitely going with me to London.

After those two shops we headed down to the Vinnies and Good Sammy’s in Rockingham. Didn’t find anything in Vinnies and some of the items in Good Sammy’s was overpriced (I’ll be writing some posts about these issues soon) but I did find this near mint condition glo-mesh bag for $6.50 in Good Sammy’s which made me super happy.

I didn’t get to go to all the op shops in Mandurah this time so I didn’t find any clothes, just bought a couple of records for $3 each from the Anglican op shop on Davey Street. It was fun going around them all with my Mum and then to the Mandurah ones with Grandma, we all look for such different things which is good in a way because we’ll never have to fight over anything.

In total, I spent $24.50 on this trip, pretty good I think!


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