over 60 opportunities

If you haven’t already noticed (or been told) I have compiled all the op shops I know and have visited (or would like to visit) into a Google map for your perusal. I met up with the incredible Miss McGrath (from Two Bucks ‘Til Wednesday) to collaborate on the map so she could add in all the southern op shops as I have most of the northern ones but not the south. This has resulted in the map becoming massive, and I have had to recount the amount of shops multiple times because I can’t quite believe it, 67! And I don’t even know if that’s right because I keep counting it wrong and I have even more to add! I haven’t been to all the ones Hannah has added but I know I will be referring to this map the next time I head to the op shops so I hope it helps you too (if you live in Perth, or else I have nothing for you…).

Click here to visit the map and you can always find it in the links at the top of the blog!


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