down the rabbit hole

It’s been a bit quiet on here lately, not that I’ve been overly busy but I’ve just been taking it a bit easy, not trying to rush around and enjoy my uni break as much as possible. In short, I haven’t been able to do as much op-shopping as I would like so I’ve been lucky to have a couple things discovered without much effort. I’m also too cold and tired to model the following lovely items so you’ll have to excuse them for hanging lifeless on the door.

First is this cute cute dress from Miss Brown. I saw it when I was working and I just had to have it. I find lots of clothes there that I love but I debate with myself and end up letting them go but this one could go to no-one else. I’ve been told it looks like something out of Peter Rabbit or Alice in Wonderland, hence the bunny related title of this post. It’s not really a colour I usually go for so that’s why it’s a little bit special for me.

Second is the most amazing jumper I have ever set my eyes upon. It was given to me by Sophia who found it when she and Hannah were op-shopping in Mandurah for the next Two Bucks ‘Til Wednesday sale. Sophia and I both love westies and so it was super nice of them to give it to me, and I will love it forever. It did have shoulder pads in it but I promptly removed them of course. And the little collar (we know how I am about collars) is the icing on the cuteness cake.

I have also added a few more op-shops that I remembered that I had visited to my Perth op-shop map (here) and you can always find it in the links at the top of the page.


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