state of the art

On Sunday I went to the State of the Art festival which featured only Western Australian bands. I wanted to see San Cisco and I’ve been trying to see them for a while (when I say ‘trying’ I mean forgetting to or being too lazy to buy tickets). But it seems to be the way now that I go to things wanting to see one band but end up enjoying another band more. Chantel came along with me and she was excited to see Sugar Army and, in the end, I was more excited about them too!

I also took the opportunity to test out some 800 iso film that I recently bought from Lomography, because I wanted to see if I could use it without a flash in the dark, nighttime festival setting. When I was scanning the film I was getting more and more pleased as it progressively got better. I used my Agfa Silette I as it is lighter than my trusty Olympus Trip 35 and it has really good aperture and shutter speed settings which I played around with. The lesson I learnt: don’t play around with aperture and shutter speed!

I didn’t get too many good shots of San Cisco due to random shutter speed tests and being too far back, oh well! Couldn’t expect much better from a test roll.

The red lights at Sugar Army at the beginning weren’t helpful in getting a good shot, now I know not to bother when it’s red!

Getting better…

I’m off to listen to the 3 Sugar Army songs I have, repeatedly, until I borrow the album off Chantel, I really can’t wait!


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