my red sole reality

Ever since I was in my early teens I have wanted a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes. I remember drawing many plans around the glorious red soles for photo shoots in a notebook for my photography class in high school. Of course, I had no monies to buy them and after an attempt to paint some very cheap and nasty heels soles red I abandoned the idea because it would only be worth it if I had the real thing. For years I pined after them, and I now know where my obsession began. Recently I was asked where my loves for shoes and all things that are wonderfully luxurious came from, was it my parents? No. Then where did it come from? After thinking about it I realised, Sex and the City! There is no other place I can pinpoint my desire to have good quality clothes, and especially footwear, in my life. I have shared many wonderful eBay finds on this blog over the past two years but it is near impossible to find a pair of Louboutin heels in a 38 for a reasonable price without them being so worn in already. The lacquered red sole is something I want to wear down, to leave behind me on the pavement, and getting them already pre-worn just wouldn’t be as fun. So, I was recently very lucky to find a pair, brand new, on sale with further staff discount (working in a David Jones concession has some advantages) and a style which I have adored for years (with a little twist) now belongs to me. They are so important to me I even broke out my last original packet of Polaroid 600 film that I have had for well over two years to take photos of them with.

My Halte 100 Patent Calf Black Christian Louboutins. Like the Pigalle, which is my favourite style, but with an ankle strap that is just so elegant and a little bit lower.

I have worn them once so there is now some wear on the soles, yay! I had not worn heels for a very long time and I did not realise just how high they were, my feet were burning with sadistic joy. After nursing my feet at home the next day I took them out of their box and thought “They aren’t that high”, then I compared them to my Manolos, they are so high!

I love the little bag with the spare heel tips in it, it’s so cute! I’m just so in love with it all, the box, the dust bag, and of course, the shoes!

I can’t think of a better subject to be included in my 100th blog post and to help celebrate my 2 year blogging anniversary!


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