rather vague polaroids

Well, hasn’t it been a bit of a while! I admit my whole ‘analogue april’ idea was a bit of a disaster due to my laziness and developing delays but I still aim to persevere and do more with film than digital (ugh blegh ugh). Here are some unfocused polaroids I shot today with mysterious subjects which I will, of course, explain.

This one shows 4 out of 6 buttons and half of each of the two pockets that sit on the front of my Chanel double breasted coat (oh yes, I said Chanel). I’m sure, over time, you will see the whole coat in all it’s glory but I think it will have to get a little colder first.

I’ve been trying to listen and buy more records since I got my turntable, and here is one of them. It’s my cousin’s second album (Honky Tonk by Micky Green) on limited edition white vinyl. I chose to shoot this one because a shot of black vinyl on a black turntable would not be excited. It was moving and my automatic shutter speed was very slow hence the blurring.

I couldn’t really remember how many shots I had left on this film because I had taken it out to use colour some time ago so I didn’t know if there were two or three shots left. To my surprise a polaroid appeared and I now have a picture of my little deer lying down on my desk.

All shot with my Polaroid SX-70 Sonar Autofocus on Impossible Project PX 600 Silver Shade Black Frame Poor Pods film (try saying that quickly)


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