the national

I finally got the film I had shot in October/November developed yesterday. My plan to post only film photos here this month has hit a small snag, the place where I usually get my films developed (colour 35mm and 120) has a broken machine – out for two weeks. So the film I shot on Thursday on 120 will take ages to be developed as I’ll have to take it to Fitzgerald’s and they take their time developing. I did, however, find a goldmine (or maybe the opposite?) at Big W, instead of paying $7 for develop only or $10 for a cross process I will now and forever take my films to Big W for development for $4.95, normal or cross processed it’s the same. So I lose in some respect but gain in others. Anyway, that’s enough of that, enjoy these partially acceptable photos of The National, I will post more from this film over the weekend. Happy Easter!

Shot on my Olympus Trip 35 on Lomography X-Pro slide film (cross processed).


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