pigeonhole join the pop-up family

Last Thursday (yes, so long ago and I have no real good excuse for not posting this sooner except that I prefer sleep instead of being awake all the time) Pigeonhole joined the 140 William pop-up family with their opening. It just so happened to be on the same night as yet another wonderful exhibition opening at the All of the Above Creative studio  so the wine was flowing freely and much merriment was had.

The store is humongous compared to all their other stores (literally the size of pigeonholes) so it was strange but exciting to see them display their wares in a grand space. Also I’m a lover of a great shop-fit so anything woody and different tickles my fancy immensely. What I couldn’t get over was the jewellery displayed on tiles. It’s so simple yet renders me completely smitten. And it helps that jewellery is ever so darling too. (I’m trying to use more of my vocabulary if you haven’t already noticed to prevent me from saying everything is “cool” or “cute”, which it is)

Over in the studio, with an abundance of cheese, was the launch of Fabricate, an exhibition highlighting the excellent styling work of Emma Bergmeier, Hannah McGrath and Meghan Plowman. With branches hanging from the ceiling, wheel barrows full of wool and a new mural the studio looks amazing (yet again!).

Funnily enough there were well dressed people hanging around too, not just inanimate objects and walls!

Hannah wore this amazing but itchy top that had a plethora of toy animals hidden within its flowers, the gift that kept on giving.

Don’t forget the duck!

The caped crusaders launching an expedition on the cheese platter:

Anna’s cute shoes.

And Sophia looked stunning in her Limedrop dress.

Ahh the glorious pop-up opening, guaranteed to bring us all together again.


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