my dress rations: part two

Two down, two to go! Here are two more dresses I have bought from Miss Brown Vintage (in the 140 William pop-up show where I work and dance in wigs but that’s a story for another time).

 I love this navy dress, the ruffle is so sweet and there’s a nice bit of embroidery on the left side of the top which you can’t see due to my amazing self portrait skills. Also, pleats! If you haven’t guessed by now I love me some pleats.

My Mum’s reaction to me showing her this dress “I didn’t see that one, if I did I would have bought it!”. The reason she didn’t see it when she came into the store was because I had already hidden it out the back for myself, cue evil laugh. Now I must face the ever present question with these dresses, to button all the way up or not?
P.S. pleats again
P.P.S. what is with my right leg? Best foot forward I guess.

Let me assure you, this will definitely not be the end of my Miss Brown purchases so I will keep you updated if I get anything else!


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