my dress rations: part one

It has been very VERY hard not to buy every single dress I gush over when working at Miss Brown Vintage, but I must restrain myself if I want to save my money! The choice is have a few pretty dresses and have the money to move to London or stay here with hundreds of dresses to wear but no place to go, I like the first one better! And I do find it fun to see dresses I love get tried on by many people and then end up with someone that will love it and give it a good home. So I will introduce you to the dresses that did weasel a way into my heart and wardrobe.

This was the first dress I put aside. I saw the collar and the pattern and thought “IT MUST BE MINE!”. I love it but the buttons do need to be changed so that will be my challenge, to find buttons that work for this dress and learn how to sew buttons on.

This dress is perfect, I love it! Nothing more to say really…

Stay tuned for part two with two more dresses I just had to have!

(And head along to Miss Brown Vintage in 140 William to find your own!)


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