welcome to my wardrobe salvatore ferragamo

Two pretty pairs of vintage Salvatore Ferragamo Vara pumps, there’s nothing that could make me happier or more in pain. The bone are size 8AA and the black 8AAA so my decision to wear the bone the day after I got them without wearing them in was catastrophic. I knew I shouldn’t have but I couldn’t resist! Now that my wounds have healed I have worn in the bone pair and am working on the black as they fit but just need to stretch a little bit. Now a little bit of pain is well worth it because I paid $150 for both pairs including shipping (from different sellers) on eBay. Considering the fact that if bought new they would be about $400 each I am happy to have them a little scuffed and with the vintage heel. I have to take them to a cobbler to get a makeover and then I shall be walking around, happy as can be, with the sound of expensive shoes in my ears.

Sparkle sparkle!


2 thoughts on “welcome to my wardrobe salvatore ferragamo

    1. They did stretch out for me, although the black ones are still a little tight (as they are the AAA and I should take a B!). I found the best way to stretch them out so they fit your foot and don’t overstretch is to wear wet socks in them around the house. That way they mould to your foot and hopefully provide a comfortable fit.


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