the forgotten film

I got my Kodak ‘Brownie’ Cresta camera years ago from a guy with a beard in a singlet who wrapped it up in newspaper for me.

I eventually threw a roll of 120 black and white film in it and shot it over a span of many months, I think it was end of 2010 and beginning of 2011.

The limited amount of locations where you can get 120 black and white film developed meant that I only bothered to do it at the start of this month so I could finally see the results and know whether or not the camera even works!

The results are pleasant, but I have learnt that the old girl is susceptible to camera shake which is reasonable seeing as it is only a point and shoot camera.

Suffice to say I would use it again but I am so terribly slow at completing films and have too many cameras on the go at once that it may be a while before I use it again.


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