Last night was the opening for Collective at the Perth Centre of Photography, at it’s new location at 100 Aberdeen St. I’ve been volunteering with them and helping with the admin for the exhibition so it was great to see such a massive amount of people come through! A lot of my time was spent running around collecting wine glasses to be washed as we had a shortage but I did eat plenty of Baci and enjoyed myself at the same time.

The new PCP

I love this plant in the sink!

A woman kept insisting that my outfit was exactly like this picture and wanted to take a photo. Strange but oh well!

This room was for the Western Australian Photographic Book Survey and through the side door there is also the screening room where there were a few films playing.

Ahh, so peaceful. The exhibition runs until the 11th of March so drop in and have a look, I have two photos in there which I forgot to take a photo of but I’ll do that when I’m back in on Friday. And I’m very happy because both of them sold 🙂


One thought on “collective

  1. Yeahh great to see some photos and news of the opening. My photo ‘whacked’ is on the facing wall, third photo, and not visible while the auction is in progress photo seventeen.
    Nice blog…thanks.


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